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Authorea is where 200,000 researchers, professionals and students write and publish. They work in top labs, universities, and companies, solving important problems in all fields of inquiry, from Astronomy to Zoology.

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More than a document editor

Authorea is built for modern research. Upload your documents easily. And then enrich them with tables and figures, live data, equations, and dynamic charts.

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Customizable groups and collections

Make your documents alive with your own design, branding and domain names. You can run your group portal, a small journal or a conference and share your research with the world.

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The easiest way to add citations, ever!

Everybody has their own flow when it comes to managing citations and references. You can drag and drop from your preferred library, or you can use Authorea's instant search to locate a reference by author, keyword, or DOI.

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The best collaborative publishing platform for research

Upload, edit, add collaborators, review, and publish. Collect comments and feedback on all your research outputs.

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Natively built on Git for superior version control

Browse a document's history to view the latest contributions and revert any unwanted changes. You're in control.

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Host data underneath your figures

Documents are richer and more reproducible when data is hosted underneath figures. Each Authorea document has a file repository to link data to specific tables and figures.


Force-Directed Lattice by Mike Bostock in d3.js

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Publish and make your research citeable

Mint a DOI for your document and share the link for the world to see. Meanwhile, export to PDF or submit directly to a journal for consideration.

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The best features for modern research publishing

Behind the editor and beautiful interface, Authorea is an incredibly powerful platform. Here are some features that make it the most advanced tool out there for publishing all your research outputs.

Host data

Host and Publish Data

Store and publish all your research outputs such as code, figures, notebooks, and posters

Multiple markup languages

Multiple Markup Languages

LaTeX, Markdown, Rich text, Javascript: you can add many formats to a single document

History view


Add new versions, roll back changes, and see how a document came together over time

Hosted installation

White label and custom domains

Whether you run a journal or a research group, you can customize the look and feel of your portal pages

Mint doi

Make your work citeable

Receive a digital object identifier (DOI) for anything you upload on Authorea. Use it to get credit for all your research outputs

Advanced export and journal styles

Journal-integrated preprints

Directly submit to journals. Associate your preprints with your target journals.


Fork documents

Authorea stores the entire history of a document using Git, an advanced version control system



Start from templates for leading conferences, institutions, and journals

Direct submissions

Powerful document upload

Upload and host any filetype. Convert documents from Word, PDF, and LaTeX

Collaborate  product

Open Collaborative Review

Explore new ways to peer review and improve your content

Equations editor

Mathematical notation

Insert equations using a handy equations editor or type in LaTeX



Discuss changes with collaborators in real time

24x7 support

24x7 support

Authorea's support team is available via chat 7 days a week

Interactive figures

Interactive Figures

Add rich media to your research documents to make them come alive on the web

Integrations with ipython

Integrations with Jupyter, Plotly, and more

Publish your data-driven interactive notebooks with Authorea

Figure management

Advanced Export and Journal Styles

Export your work in one click to hundreds of different styles in PDF, Word, LaTeX, or Zip

Authorea is free to use. You can upgrade for additional private documents and Premium features.

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