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  • Alberto Pepe,
  • Giuseppe Ricci
Alberto Pepe
Giuseppe Ricci

Peer review timeline

27 May 2020Submitted to Authorea Research Journal
27 May 2020Editor invited a reviewer
27 May 2020Review Report #1 received
27 May 2020Published in Authorea Research Journal
Reviewer posted a review
Dear Editor,Herein is my response to manuscript ID XXXXX, entitled [“Why Hermione was better than Harry in almost every respect”] [by Ronald Frump and colleagues] to the [Journal of Squirrel-Puppy Relationships].The authors present [insert general overview of research and key findings]. This research is [well-suited/not-suitable] for the remit of the journal.[Insert any comments regarding potential conflicts of interest, or about areas of relevant expertise that you feel you are lacking].I recommend [accept/minor revisions/major revisions/oblivion], pending x, y, and z.Basic reportingFiguresAre the figures legible, relevant,