Are subalpine species' seedling emergence and establishment in the alpine limited by...
Ingrid Dahle, Ragnhild Gya, Joachim P Töpper, et al.
Global Change and Emerging Infectious Diseases
Nicole Nova, Tejas S Athni, Marissa L Childs, et al.
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Alberto Pepe
Scientific collaboration in the era of COVID-19
Alberto Pepe, Matteo Cavalleri, Benjamin D. Best, et al.
Publishing scientific papers in the 21st century
Matteo Cavalleri and Alberto Pepe
The "Paper" of the Future
Alyssa Goodman, Josh Peek, Alberto Accomazzi, et al.
Supporting Information for "[article title]"
Matteo Cavalleri, Babak Mostaghaci, Floriano Cuccureddu, et al.
The arXiv of the future will not look like the arXiv
Alberto Pepe, Matteo Cantiello, Josh Nicholson, et al.
A glimpse into the scientific paper of the future: fully computational and interactiv...
Alberto Pepe and Matteo Cavalleri
How To Write Mathematical Equations, Expressions, and Symbols with LaTeX: A cheatshee...
Authorea Help, Matteo Cantiello, Deyan Ginev, et al.
Getting Started with Authorea
Alberto Pepe and Jay Shenk
How many scholarly articles are written in LaTeX?      
Alberto Pepe