Cyber Security, Cyber Threats, Implications and Future Perspectives: A Review
Diptiben Ghelani
A review on student automatic grading system 
Diptiben Ghelani and Department of Computer Engineering, Gujrat Technological University, Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India
Synthesis and characterization of Aluminium Oxide nanoparticles 
Diptiben Ghelani and Suuny Faisal
The change of Testosterone after weight intervention in obese men
Diptiben Ghelani and Diptiban H
Complex Business Intelligence Queries in Natural Language
Diptiben Ghelani
Cyber Security in Smart Grids, Threats, and Possible Solutions
Diptiben Ghelani
Cyber Security Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Security Solutions Models in Banking
Diptiben Ghelani, Tan Kian Hua, Surendra Kumar Reddy Koduru, et al.
Deep Learning and Artificial  Intelligence Framework to Improve the Cyber Security   ...
Diptiben Ghelani
A perspective study on Malware detection and protection, A review
Diptiben Ghelani