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Hello, and welcome to Authorea!ūüĎ謆 We're happy to have you join us on this journey towards making writing and publishing smoother, data-driven, interactive, open, and simply awesome. This document is a short guide on how to get started with Authorea, specifically how to take advantage of some of our powerful tools. Of course, feedback and questions are not only welcome, but encouraged--just hit the comment icon to the right of this text ūüí¨¬† (You can also highlight specific parts of the text to leave a comment on). (Ha. That's your first lesson!).The BasicsAuthorea is a collaborative document editor built primarily for researchers. It allows you to¬†collaboratively write in real-time¬†in normal text, LaTeX, and Markdown all within the same document. In addition to easily writing together, each article on Authorea is a git repository, which allows you to host data, interactive figures, and code. But first, let's get started!¬†1. Sign up.If you're not already signed up, do so at¬† ¬†Tip: if you are part of an organization, sign up with your organizational email. ¬†2. First stepsDuring the signup process you will be asked a few questions: your location, your title, etc. You will be also prompted to¬†join a group. Groups are awesome! They allow you to become part of a shared document workspace. Tip: during signup, join a group or create a new one for your team. Overall, we suggest you fill out your profile information to get the best possible Authorea experience and to see if any of your friends are already on the platform. If you don't do it initially during sign up, don't worry; you can always edit your user information in your settings later on.Once you've landed on your profile page (see below). There are a few things you should immediately do:Add a profile picture. You've got a great face, show it to the world :) For reference, please see¬†Pete, our chief dog officer (CDO), below.¬†Add personal and group information. If you haven't added any personal information, like a bio, a group affiliation, or your location, do it! You might find some people at your organization already part of Authorea, plus it is a great way to build your online footprint, which is always good for getting jobs.Invite your colleagues. Click here to invite contacts from your Gmail. You'll get extra private documents in your account and you'll make Pete very happy!